Our Founder: Master Nguyen three karate experts

In the 1950s General Choi Hong Hi established Tae Kwan Do as the official Karate system of Korea by organizing the various Korean Karate schools (or Kwan), into one unified organization. This was the birth of the International Tae Kwan Do Federation (ITF). General Choi wanted to share Tae Kwan Do with the world, and one of the first countries to which he sent a delegation was Vietnam. The school he established, in what was then Saigon, is where Master Nguyen, our founder, received his training.

Since the time of Master Nguyen's training, the ITF has continued to change their system and introduce methods focused on western tastes in martial arts training. These changes have, in some ways, diluted the system from the original. Our unique training at Silkisondan Karate is a snapshot in time focused on all the traditional values of Karate-do, while incorporating modern knowledge of sports medicine and fitness. Development of the whole person through rigorous training is our goal.

Master Nguyen holds a 7th degree Black Belt and is internationally recognized in the martial arts world. When Master Nguyen came to the United States he established the Silkisondan (Vietnamese) system, which is based on the original style of ITF Tae Kwan Do. Having additional high rankings in Judo, Kung Fu and Karate, Master Nguyen incorporated techniques from each of these martial arts into the system called Silkisondan.

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